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The Blue Ginger is a restaurant specializing in Peranakan food. Their aim is to provide an intimate and comforting dining experience.

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Challenges Faced by the client

The client was a well known restaurant in Singapore serving hearty Peranakan meals in a friendly environment. They were looking to open their second location and wanted a digital marketing agency to help them promote their new location and generate hype.

They had limited knowledge of digital marketing and a small budget to invest in advertising and marketing efforts. As a small business owner, the client had to allocate their resources carefully to ensure that every dollar spent on marketing would provide the highest return on investment (ROI). They knew that the restaurant industry was ultra-competitive and there were so many new restaurants opening every year that locals are spoilt for choice. Peranakan cuisine might also not be a cuisine that locals gravitate to so they wanted to promote the culture and raise greater awareness with the younger generation.

They were relying too much on existing customers and word of mouth to grow their business which was steady but slow. Their customers also tended to be the older generation and they wanted to appeal to a wider audience and also use digital marketing to grow their business faster and not just rely on the quality of their product and services to drive demand.

The client was also not familiar with the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing. They had little experience in creating and executing a digital marketing strategy that would drive traffic to their website and increase brand awareness. This meant that they required a high level of guidance and support from their agency.

The challenge of a limited budget (given the high expenses of opening a new location) meant that the client had to be creative and strategic with their marketing spend. They had to prioritize marketing tactics that would deliver the highest ROI and generate the most significant impact for their investment in a short period of time.

They wanted a digital marketing agency that was innovative in its approach and yet grounded in principles that underpinned their business – honesty, transparency and a relentless focus on customer service. That’s how they found Grow Faster Marketing.

how grow faster marketing helped the cient

After hearing from the management team, Grow Faster Marketing decided to create a trendy image for the client. We recommended a 4 prong approach with continous monitoring to best promote their business and help them grow faster.

  1. Local SEO: We optimized the restaurant’s website for local SEO, ensuring that the new location appears prominently in local search results when people search for nearby restaurants. This involved optimizing the website’s content, metadata, and Google My Business profile.

  2. Social media advertising: We identified that social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok would be ideal for promoting the client’s restaurant. We partnered with influencers, food blogs and magazines to promote the new location to people in the area. We also helped the client run limited special promotions using Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads to generate more hype for the new location. To appeal to the younger generation, we utilized TikTok and had “secret codes” that customers could quote to get free gifts on the first week of opening. Our social media team created a content calendar and developed engaging content that showcased the client’s unique Peranakan offerings, culture, and heritage. 

  3. Email marketing: We customized an email marketing campaign to promote the new location to the restaurant’s existing customers. This involved sending out newsletters, announcements, and special offers to the restaurant’s email list. Our team created an email template that showcased the client’s latest menu offerings and promoted upcoming events and promotions. We also integrated a loyalty program into the email marketing campaign to incentivize repeat visits.

  4. Content marketing: Together with the restaurant, we also created engaging content, such as blog posts and videos, that promotes the new location and highlights its unique features. This helped to build buzz and generate excitement around the new location. We also implemented backlink strategies to improve the client’s domain authority and search engine visibility.

All in, these efforts led to the restaurant being fully booked for the first month and they are seeing continuous traffic every day in both their locations with a cross-selling effect.

hear from the client directly

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical when I hired Grow Faster Marketing to help promote my restaurant as I was tired of throwing money previously and seeing no results. But I have to eat my words because they absolutely knocked it out of the park!

Their local SEO strategy helped my new location show up at the top of search results, and their social media advertising drove a ton of traffic to my restaurant. The email marketing campaign they created was spot on, and we saw a huge uptick in business as a result.

And let me tell you about their content marketing. These guys really know how to make a dish look good on camera! They created some stunning videos and blog posts that had people drooling before they even walked through my door.

Overall, I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with the work Grow Faster Marketing has done for my restaurant. They are passionate, dedicated, and truly understand the food industry. I would highly recommend them to any restaurant owner looking to boost their online presence and drive more traffic to their business. Well done, you guys!

Kevin Goh

General Manager

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