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Hayes Plumbing

Struggling to attract new customers in a new digital age since launching in 2000, the client needed help. Fast. We stepped in to execute a whole-of-business, performance-driven strategy.

Services Delivered

The Achieved results

New Customers Within 2 Weeks Of Launch
Organic Page 1 Rankings On Google For Valuable Keywords
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Lift In Conversions Over A 1 Month Period

Challenges Faced by the client

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At Grow Faster Marketing, we understand that every business faces unique challenges, and for our plumbing client, the situation was no different. Prior to engaging our services, the client’s business relied solely on word-of-mouth recommendations and occasional neighbourhood board posts. They lacked any online presence, let alone a digital marketing strategy, which made it difficult for potential customers to find them. In a highly competitive industry such as plumbing services, where response time is crucial, this was a major challenge.

It was critically important to create a website that allowed potential customers to easily find them, given the very competitive industry for local plumbing services and the short response-time expected from these customers. It had to be simple for users to navigate, easy for the client to amend and manage and at the same time have a high leads conversion.

Above all, the client wanted to stand apart from its competition. The website had to exude simplicity with the focus being on the client’s expertise and exceptional service levels. 

To overcome these challenges, we had to deliver a comprehensive, performance-driven local marketing strategy. The strategy needed to raise awareness of the client’s plumbing services in the local market over a longer period and capture customers who required plumbing services in the near term. The strategy also had to be adaptable to changing market conditions and constantly monitored to ensure maximum effectiveness.

how grow faster marketing helped the cient

At Grow Faster Marketing, we recognized that our client’s success was critical to our own. We knew that their website would be the backbone of their digital marketing efforts, so we worked closely with them to develop a website that would meet their unique needs.

We designed a website that was not only visually appealing, but also easy to use and navigate. We made sure to include all the important information that potential customers would need, such as contact information and service descriptions, and we made it easy for customers to get in touch by including clear calls to action.

To ensure that the client’s website was easily discoverable by local consumers and customers, we conducted thorough keyword research and targeted the most commonly searched phrases related to their services. This involved identifying relevant keywords and phrases, as well as analyzing the competition to determine which keywords would provide the best ROI.

We optimized the website’s landing pages to focus on the client’s key business areas and product categories, with a goal of achieving high rankings in search engines like Google. By using these landing pages to run direct response ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Bing, we were able to attract potential customers who were looking for specific services and convert them into paying customers.

We also implemented paid advertising campaigns, including Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and direct response Facebook ad campaigns. These campaigns resulted in a significant increase in click-through rate, quality scores, and ad relevancy, which ultimately led to an increase in customers and revenue for the client.

Our content management system made it easy for the client to keep their content updated for day-to-day management, while we focused on higher-value maintenance and search engine optimization. This allowed the client to focus on their core business activities, while still reaping the benefits of a strong online presence.

Finally, we executed email marketing campaigns to past clients to drive further business and introduce new customers via an extremely successful referral campaign. This approach allowed the client to capitalize on their existing customer base and attract new customers through word-of-mouth.

Overall, our digital marketing strategies helped our client achieve a stronger online presence and attract new customers, which resulted in increased revenue and profitability for their business.

hear from the client directly

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Grow Faster Marketing for the development and launch of our website. I was very impressed with your team’s ability to take our ideas and deliver a product beyond our expectations. The team was responsive, the design was simple yet terrific and the entire team was very easy to work with. 

The client-conversion manual was a lifesaver. Thanks to it, we always knew how to deliver and what to say when potential customers called, leading to a higher percentage of signed customers. We were thrilled that the website was launched exactly within the timeline we discussed in our first meeting, despite our numerous revisions which the team handled really efficiently.

Concurrently, we rolled out our inaugural e-newsletter, which was expertly crafted by the team in terms of design and content, closely mirroring the aesthetic of our website. The response to both the e-newsletter and the website has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to a steady influx of new contacts even till today.

The value provided was incredible. Before we embarked on this 'bet-the-company' exercise, we reached out to several agencies and was blown away by quite a few of those quotes. Grow Faster Marketing was very sharp in its pricing, showed us where they would provide the most value and executed their promises to the tee.

We are deeply grateful for your team's tireless effort and expertise and anticipate ongoing success and cooperation in the future.

Sylvia Wilson

Office Manager

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