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Grow Your Business With Us.

Grow Faster Marketing is a performance-driven digital marketing agency serving hyper growth focused businesses.​

TRusted by many clients


You know your business. We know sales-focused marketing strategies designed to deliver leads 24/7. Aka “make you more money”. Skip the guesswork and avoid the never-ending shit show of trying to figure everything out yourself and taking time away from what you do and enjoy best. Instead, propel your business upwards with proven client acquisition funnels, sales-focused customer acquisition and direct revenue-generation strategies.

Here’s how we will roll.

We want to know why your business is successful - its strengths, its competitive advantage and its positioning in the industry.

We want to know you and how your business currently attracts, interacts and closes customers.

No 'packages' or 'templates' here. Every strategy that we devise starts with you. Can't sell the sizzle without knowing why it sizzles, right?

This sets us all up for your future success.

We get to work, researching and building you a complete, end-to-end digital strategy that will bring you the customers.

We will then walk you through the planned approach. No smoke and mirrors or 'feel-good' buzzwords here.

We show you exactly what we will do, why it will work and how we anticipate it will drive your business crazy and significantly increase your revenue. 

It's time for take-off once you give us the go-ahead. We launch your strategy but we don’t stop there. We are a 'set and forget it' agency.

We provide real-time reporting and periodical check-ins and strategy reviews. What is successful is doubled/tripled-down on. No long-term contracts for you so that we are kept constantly on our toes!

As the world and economic conditions change, we change accordingly. We meet your evolving business needs and build you new strategies as you grow more successful and start thinking about expansion (woo!).

We want you to tell us one day - please stop, you are too successful and I want to take a break and smell the roses. Ready for the journey?

How We Can Grow Your Business Faster And Make More Money

Scale your omni-channel strategy to increase revenue quickly 

Turn your content marketing into your #1 money-maker. Rank your business #1 on Google for the most valuable search terms in your industry.

How? By understanding your business, studying your customers and using the right content marketing strategy, keyword research, on-page, off-page and technical factors, and proprietary search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

No shady backlinks or private blog networks that will crash and burn your business. See how we do it for clients here. 

The holy grail – leads and customers – that you need to grow your business faster, immediately.

Google Ads makes it easy for anyone to run ads on their platform. So easy that Google (Alphabet) has US$280 billion in revenue in 2022. But how does that translate into sales for you? Cost per click rising faster than inflation levels? Return on ad spend dropping through the floor faster than a meme stock’s price?

In a world where only the smart survive, we want to make sure you thrive. With the right strategy, sales funnel, account structuring, regular testing and conversion optimization, you can still achieve the holy grail.

Make every paid click count. See how we do it for clients here.

A fast way to explode the number of leads and rapidly convert the browsers into sales without spending a single cent more on ads.

We work with you to figure out what sells. And then optimize your ads, offerings and landing page design (you are using these right?) to turn qualified traffic into leads and revenue.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can maximize (or even reduce) your ad spend and get the most out of your digital marketing efforts. How? By getting your ads SEEN AND CLICKED and these people to BUY or CONTACT you. Easier said than done though, which is where we (as performance-driven marketing experts) step in.

Think of it this way – make your advertising money work smarter AND harder for you. See how we do it for clients here.

Likes, impressions, views, followers, shares. Let us just say it now – these are useless, vanity statistics in the wrong hands. And with so many social media platforms, you won’t be able to keep up with them (and you’ll feel stressed about that while feverishly posting ‘updates’).

Don’t chase the shiny new objects. Deploy a focused strategy that allows you to build a robust online presence that makes your business stand out to people that matter (aka your target customers). A strategy that combines with your other ‘weapons’ to deliver results and revenue that you are looking for, 24/7. 

See how we can cut through the noise and deliver stunning results for our clients here.

The most valuable currency today is data. (thanks to all the money-printing efforts by central banks around the world in recent years.)

And you already hold the most valuable data that is directly tied to your revenue – personal information of your customers. Imagine reaching thousands of existing (and potential) customers with just one click of a button – and putting your offer in front of them. Increased revenue by reminding them of your presence (and taking them away from your competitors)? You BET.

We work with you to deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer. Or help you collect such information to grow your business faster. Leave the complex sequences, deliverability issues, segmentation problems, conversion rates or even the collection of such valuable currency to us.

See how we do it here for our clients.

Your digital storefront (aka your website) can be as important as – or more important than – your physical store in today’s digital age.

You know what makes your business tick and we are here to deliver that message. Make your business stand out and cement trust with your first-time customers with an aesthetically-pleasing yet uber-functional website today.

Substance over form. Conversion over aesthetics. Make your website work for you 24/7. See how we do it for our clients here.

Why You'll Love Grow Faster Marketing

Building a superior digital experience since 2013.

Why you will love Grow Faster Marketing

We focus on what generates revenue and customers for you. Period.

If you are looking for a buzz-word sprouting, hippy website designer that makes you a darn pretty website that is confusing to navigate but does nothing to bring in the customers or dollars, we are probably NOT the right fit for you.

We really want to be your trusted growth strategist and your performance-driven Chief Marketing Officer (without the expensive salary and corner office).

And we take this responsibility seriously. Forget cookie-cutter prescriptions like “run some Google Ads” or “do Instagram posts”. We want to understand your business so that we can customize innovative marketing strategies to acquire the customers and thrash your competition. This is what you are hoping for, right?

Most business owners attempt to grow their business through trial and error, by stumbling and trying to figure it all out by themselves for the first time. This includes marketing which isn’t likely their core expertise. We call this guesswork. It’s extremely-stressful (at best) and often results in failure (at worst).

We’ve spent our own money and significant client advertising spend to know what works and what doesn’t. In other words, this isn’t our first rodeo in this Internet wilderness. And we want to cut short the painful journey for you to go from a struggling business operator to a wildly successful entrepreneur. We want you to succeed.

Let’s do details. Our core team are qualified in-house Canadian staff who are marketing specialists. You get professional writing by our team who can speak and write English and Mandarin natively, hold legal, marketing and business degrees and are certified Google and Facebook specialists.

We know search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation strategies, pay-per-click advertising, sales funnels, social media marketing, landing page design, website design, content development, analytics reporting and email marketing.

You know what makes your business succeed. Leave the rest to us.

“Please tie me into long-term, no-exit contracts” – said no client ever.

Unlike many marketing agencies, we will never ever lock you into a contract that isn’t producing results. Why should we? You trust us to deliver results. We trust our team and the benefits they can bring to your business. 

And it’s your business. This is why you will always have ownership and control over your logins, creative content, data, hosting, analytics and advertising campaigns. No sneaky lock-ins – you have full control of your assets.

If you are happy with the results that we bring, you’ll stay with us. If not, we part ways without any hard feelings. End of story. Simple and refreshing.

As a boutique performance-driven marketing agency, we work with all clients across various industries, big and small. Our remote-only team is able (and has the experience) to deliver from the smallest of projects to the largest of them, generating millions in annual revenue and reaching millions of hungry and keen clients.

All without the expensive overheads – that snazzy designer office, the on-site massage therapists (we deliver killer results for them though), the ping-pong tables or booze/kombucha on tap – that clients like yourself pay for in exchange for ‘marketing’ that go nowhere. Less fixed costs for us translates directly into more time and energy to turn your time-hungry business into a semi-automated beast that consistently and predictably gets new customers and generates revenue. 

Who you see (us) is who you get (us). Oh, and we play nice with your internal marketing team (bolt on support) or existing marketing agency (partnership). 

When you call with urgency, we provide good old-fashioned customer service from our Vancouver, British Columbia location, with us in Canada answering the phone and dealing with the issue. No outsourcing of services, no long holds, no transfers overseas to some poor schmuck who has no idea what you need and no shifting of responsibility to a lower-level intern who will “promise to look into your issue ASAP”.

The buck stops with us. Period. Now isn’t that refreshing these days?

Our Success Stories

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical when I hired Grow Faster Marketing to help promote my restaurant as I was tired of throwing money previously and seeing no results. But I have to eat my words because they absolutely knocked it out of the park!

Kevin Goh

Blue Ginger


Overall, we cannot recommend Grow Faster Marketing highly enough. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence have been invaluable to our success, and we are grateful for the partnership we have developed with them. We are confident that their services will continue to help us achieve our growth and revenue goals in the years to come.

Kevin Goh

Global Learn


We couldn't be happier with the results that Grow Faster Marketing has delivered. Their team is a pleasure to work with, and they truly care about the success of our business. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch digital marketing agency that delivers results with a smile.

Jevan Langford

FENIX Fitness

Therapy Center - chiropractor - physiotherapy - massage therapy - digital marketing

From the outset, the team at Grow Faster Marketing took the time to understand our unique needs and goals. They provided clear and concise recommendations on position and differentiate our clinic with a tailored blend of marketing strategies.

We would highly recommend Grow Faster Marketing to any business looking to enhance their online presence and attract new clients. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Abyasa Tabuni

Senopati Therapy Center


We recently partnered with Grow Faster Marketing to help us with generate more business, and we couldn't be happier with the results. They truly exceeded our expectations and delivered outstanding results across all areas of our digital marketing strategy.

Chen Yu

MIN XIN Insurance

Grow Faster Marketing has been amazing for our online store. They really understood our needs and developed a digital marketing strategy that delivered results.

Their copywriting skills are top-notch, and their ads generated a significant increase in clicks. We highly recommend Grow Faster Marketing to any business looking for exceptional digital marketing services.

Maxwell Brown

Cordelia Street

I recently had the pleasure of working with Grow Faster Marketing who helped me become the top 10 salesperson in my area in an extremely short span of time. The team at Grow Faster Marketing was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping me succeed.

Thanks to their help, I was able to generate more leads, increase my visibility in the market, and ultimately close more deals. 

Kassandra Maddison


As the marketing manager of an aged care company, I cannot emphasize the importance of having a strong online presence in today's digital world. That is why we engaged the services of Grow Faster Marketing after failing to see any traction with another digital marketing agency.

I highly recommend Grow Faster Marketing to any business looking to grow their online presence and reach their target audience.



Grow your business faster!

Because if you don’t, someone else will. 

Got questions? Get your answers here.

Why do I need digital marketing for my business?

Is that even a question you should be seriously asking? Do you hate money? Hate bringing your kids to new holidays or buying that new house for your family? Love working stupidly long hours, keeping your doors open for unreasonable or non-existent customers, doing things the ‘traditional’ way and watching your customers disappear into your competitors’ grasp?

Guess not. And that is the difference in results between a successful digital presence and a mediocre (or non-existent) one.

Imagine a 24/7 hungry salesperson going to where your customers are and persuading them to buy. Imagine yourself showing up (not your competitors) when your clients want to buy and you giving them what they want. Imagine a 24/7 money-printing machine.

Forget being ‘average’ or ‘good enough’ or ‘reliant on foot traffic’. Nobody has ever said no to more money. Certainly not you. We want to make you more money through performance-driven marketing strategies designed to succeed today.

What does a digital marketing agency REALLY do?

A digital marketing agency should, at the bare minimum, understand your business. They will assess the traffic that your website is getting and recommend the best online marketing platforms to invest in while balancing advertising spend and results. 

We already do all of that but, unlike other agencies, Grow Faster Marketing is not just focused on maintaining that perfect balance (this only maintains your status quo). We want to be your marketing partner-in-crime (or your on-demand, perfomance-oriented Chief Marketing Officer).

Our ultimate goal is to dominate your competitors and local market, make sure you are super visible when your customers are ready to buy, convert website visitors into paying customers and maximize your return on investment through the most advanced and innovative marketing strategies available. 

Why can't I do digital marketing on my own or hire someone on my team?

Sure you can and maybe you are doing it now. Do you also draft your legal agreements, prepare and lodge your own financial statements and clean your own toilets? Have you also done AI chatbots, written an award-winning blog with 1000 posts, posted your entire life on social media and then built a nice-looking website from a template?

Oh you have? Well done. How are the tangible results (aka revenue) and paying customers coming along? Ever valued your time and expertise? Ever thought about focusing on what really matters (revenue and profits) and using your precious time and expertise in doing just that? Want to forget about ever-escalating marketing expenses or hiring bloated and underperforming staff that are hard to cut as economic conditions continue to remain uncertain? So that you can achieve results that you want (and deserve) without running around in circles doing a little bit of this and that or paying over the odds for an unknown risk.

This is where performance-driven marketing experts (Grow Faster Marketing) step right in and take it off your plate. We want you to feel like “hey I’ve totally got this” every day without worrying about where your next customer is coming from or how the economy is doing under the current interest rates (thanks inflation!). 

We don’t waste your money making pretty sites for the sake of pretty sites or posting on social media for the sake of ‘likes’. Your landlord doesn’t accept payment in those currencies and neither should you. As your performance marketing partner-in-crime invested in your bottom-line, every single action we take or advice we recommend, we are focused on only one thing: how can this add customers and revenue to your company in the shortest possible time?

Why? Because you don’t get paid otherwise and neither do we.

What sort of digital marketing do we need for our business?

How long is a piece of string? The answer totally depends on YOUR BUSINESS. We treat every business differently – even if they are competing in the same industry.

Why? If you consider your business and your biggest competitors – even as you are targeting the same audience and you offer a similar service or product – their online presence can be vastly different from yours and therefore lead to different results.

How? Their website can be different from yours in terms of age, design, backlinks or structure, leading to different search engine optimization (SEO) results and conversion rates compared to your website.

A strategy that involves an intensive link building, search engine optimization and content marketing campaign might be what your competitor requires while you might make more immediate gains from Google Ads or doing local SEO. Your brand might benefit vastly from a specialised social media advertising strategy with targeted landing pages compared to the typical social media updates that no one really cares about.

The key point is that we know that each business is different, which is why we design custom performance-driven marketing strategies for you to fit your exact needs and business strategy. Our goal is to deliver measurable results to your bottomline and we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Do you work with small or big companies?

Are you serious and driven about growing your business and dominating your local or regional market space? We WANT TO work with you.

Do you want to deploy a team of performance marketers and strategists who will help you to make more money and make the kind of return on investment that will leave you wondering why you have not worked with us earlier? We WANT TO work with you.

In short, it does NOT matter if you are a big or small company. We help feisty startups to massive brands, from everyday products to ultra-complex and niche services. Our clients range from small, local businesses in North America to companies operating from different continents. We thrive on challenges. We particularly enjoy working with local businesses which in turn support our local communities, and derive great satisfaction from growing your revenue and business.

Will I get a guaranteed return on my marketing investment?

Wait…a guarantee?!? For marketing?!? Yeah you read that right. Because we put our money where our mouth is and we can make guarantees that other marketing agencies cannot. Whether it is lead generation, Facebook/Instagram marketing, Google Ads or search engine optimization (SEO), we work for free if we don’t hit our agreed upon targets.

Why should I work with Grow Faster Marketing?

What you are really asking is: how do I know you will deliver the results I need and NOT rip me off?

We know. We’ve been there as business owners. You may have worked with one of the many ‘social media marketing agencies’ scammers often run by fast-talking 16 year olds who have zero business or marketing experience, promise to ‘increase website traffic’ or ‘get more likes or social media engagement’ and then outsource it to a cheaper country. All without delivering a single cent to your bottom line. But it sure delivered money from you to their bank accounts. Sounds familiar?


Locally based in North America specifically Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we work with you to understand your business, your market and your competitors. We are performance marketers first and foremost (no templates here). We are remote-only, which cuts out the rent, fluff and expenses (such as free-flow keto, sugar-free snacks or on-site yoga lessons) that other expensive-looking marketing agencies incur which are most certainly passed on to you as a paying client. We focus on delivering revenue and paying customers – end of story.

In this uber-competitive (and uncertain) market that you are operating in, we focus on:

  • making sure your customers can see you before they see your competitors
  • getting paying customers who will buy your product or service on your terms
  • turning browsers into buyers
  • skyrocketing your online presence into the stratosphere and leaving your competitors far behind.

Sounds fair and good?